Estella Warren Pleads No Contest to DUI, Avoids Jail Time

Estella Warren

The 'Planet of the Apes' actress is sentenced to five years of informal probation for her DUI charge, but gets dismissal for the hit-and-run, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest charges.
Estella Warren stared down at some jail time when she was charged with four misdemeanors in mid-June for her May 23 arrest. The "Planet of the Apes" actress, however, can breathe a little easier now that she escapes time behind bars after pleading no contest to her drunk driving charge.

The 32-year-old entered the plea on Friday, August 19. In turn, she got three of her other charges for hit-and-run, battery on a police officer and resisting arrest dismissed, and was sentenced to four months in a residential rehab facility. She was also ordered to five years of informal probation, Los Angeles city attorney's spokesman Frank Mateljan said.

Estella has since issued a statement in which she said, "I take my actions and their consequences very seriously. I can't express enough how grateful I am that no one was injured or hurt." She concluded, "Moving forward I am focusing all my efforts on my career, my family and being a good influence to others."

Estella got herself arrested on suspicion of DUI after allegedly hitting three parked cars and driving away. When the police got to her, she resisted arrest and even kicked an officer. During the booking process in a police station, she managed to get out of her handcuffs and escape through a back door, but police was quick to recapture her.

After being charged with four misdemeanors in early June, the former Victoria's Secret model checked herself into rehab and volunteered to wear the alcohol-monitoring ankle bracelet. "She wants to prove she isn't drinking," her attorney explained. "She's committed to making the situation right and moving on in a way that's appropriate."

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