Joe Jonas' New Single 'See No More' Gets Mixed Responses

Joe Jonas' New Single 'See No More' Gets Mixed Responses

Take a peek at Joe's new direction for his solo studio album in an R 'n' B-influenced song which is co-written by Chris Brown.
Joe Jonas' first solo single has finally been revealed in a new song called "See No More". Soon after the middle of the Jonas Brothers' song debuted on radio, it got mixed reactions from fans; some called it "addictive," but there are others who were simply not impressed with it.

Among those supportive comments, one comment posted on Twitter read, "See No More is on REPEAT.. can't get enough of this song.. my new favorite song." Another fan, meanwhile, dropped the criticism, "Joe could get it, but not feeling this song. Sounds like any other Chris Brown song."

Following young brother Nick Jonas who did side project with The Administration in 2009, Joe ditches some of the band's pop tunes which make them Disney friendly these past years. Instead, he infuses R&B riffs which were inspired by Chris Brown, which is not quite surprising given that they co-wrote the song together.

Joe sings about falling victim to a love-gone-wrong case in this fresh material. "I don't want to wait for you/ I don't want to wake up thinking, hoping you'll get it right this time/ 'Cause you know that you so cold/ I don't want to see no more," he wails his shattered heart. "I used to be afraid of letting go/ Right now I need you to set me free/ I can see it in your eyes."

Talking to E! News about his first offering, Joe explains, "The song is about a relationship ending and you're trying to get over it, but at the same time you've got these mixed feelings [and] you're fighting everything of seeing that person. It sounds like a sad song, but it carries a cool beat to it."

"It kinda just fell together. Me and Chris were just hanging out one day listening to each other's music that he was working on, I was working on, and all of a sudden it was just electric," he said further when recalling the creative process with Breezy. "I've always been a fan of his music."

In a separate interview with Chicago radio station 96.3 FM, he told the DJs he's grateful with his brothers' supports toward him. "Having my brothers' support in this whole project is the biggest thing for me and the fact that they're loving the music and everything," he gushed.

Big brother Kevin Jonas wrote on his page on June 3, "So pumped for joe!!! congrats brother." Nick, meanwhile, chose to re-tweet joe's message, "This is seriously one of the greatest days of my life. Your responses to the #SeeNoMore are making my morning!" Prior to that, he posted, "Just watched the #seenomore teaser 10000000 times... So excited and happy for my bro! Love you dude!"

Joining a list of Joe's supporters was Breezy herself. The "Yeah 3x" singer wrote on his own page to congratulate the ex-boyfriend of Ashley Greene on his first single. "Make sure y'all go support @joejonas new single "see no more", Congrats bro!" the R&B star wrote earlier on Friday.

The single is confirmed to appear in Joe's upcoming solo project which is expected to come out in the United States on September 6. After the song debut, fans can expect a music video premiere sometime soon. "I've been working with director now to come up with the concept and the entire idea of what it is for me," Joe once said.

"I think it's more so about how the emotions and the feelings that are going through and how you're dealing with them and just displaying them in physical actions, so it'll be the first really thought-out video that I've done."

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