'The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business' Winners Are Kisha and Jen

'The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business' Winners Are Kisha and Jen

The sisters win $1 million as they arrive at the pit stop in Miami first, while Zev and Justin are eliminated earlier at the first pit stop in Brazil.
"The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business" has crowned Kisha and Jen as the winners. On the episode aired on Mother's Day (Sunday, May 8), it was revealed that the sisters completed the final leg first and won $1 million which they will use to help their mom out.

The race started off with the four teams departing from Switzerland to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. There, they faced Road Block where one team member must learn to dance samba. Dressing in carnival costumes, they later led a parade.

Mallory was the first to finish the Road Block. She and Gary then headed to Copacabana. Meanwhile, Zev was struggling with the dance and had to learn the dance three times until he nailed it. At that time, Gary and Mallory had already discovered the next clue. All team members must endure 15 minutes of a Brazilian Waxing session.

After getting waxed, the teams must choose between on the rocks and on the back for detour. For the former, they must create a popular, but complicated drink 100 times, while for the latter, teams must sell bikini tops and get the person to model their newly bought bikini until they make 100 Brazilian real (US$60).

Gary and Mallory opted the rocks, and so did Kisha and Jen as well as Flight Time and Big Easy. Zev and Justin chose to sell bikinis, but then switched to the other detour as they could not get anyone to model their bikini. Meanwhile, Gary and Mallory have already made 100 drinks.

Gary and Mallory headed to the pit stop at the base of the Museum of Contemporary Art. They won a one week cruise trip for two. Kisha and Jen came next, followed by Flight Time and Big Easy. Zev and Justin were team number four, so they were eliminated and could not continue the race in the two-hour finale.

The remaining three teams now headed to Miami, Florida. At the Marina, they faced another Road Block where they must move boats around the docks. Flight Time docked his boat first, and he and Big Easy headed to the Jules' Undersea Lodge.

There, they must dive down into the water where there are mermaids and other creatures in the water to search for their next clue among the treasure chests. Big Easy got the next clue first and the Globetrotters departed for Big Pine Key, but they had problem with a taxi.

Kisha and Jen overtook Flight Time and Big Easy on the way there. Their next task was to walk across a shallow part of the ocean to Horseshoe Island, and take a speed boat to Galway Bay Trailer Park for the Detour.

At the trailer park, teams must create a "Trailer Hood" and set up a mobile home like a brochure picture. The wind made their job to set up the trailer harder. Kisha and Jen finished their task first and head to Seven-Mile Bridge, while the Globetrotters were still struggling with details.

At the Seven Mile Bridge, Kisha and Jen must ride large tricycles to the finish line with the Globetrotters riding not far behind. Wind once again made the ride more difficult, but Kisha and Jen finally made reached the pit line first. They were declared the winners, with Flight Time and Big Easy following in the second place and Gary and Mallory in the third place.

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