'Bachelor' Dumps Britt on Beach and Snubs Michelle in Rose Ceremony

'Bachelor' Dumps Britt on Beach and Snubs Michelle in Rose Ceremony

Britt has to face humiliation when walking back alone from her date with Brad, while Michelle is upset that her flirting with Brad didn't save her from being sent home.
Two more ladies went home at the February 14 airing of "The Bachelor". First, Brad let go of Britt, whom he took on the third one-on-one date featured in the episode. The two went to a secluded bay in a yacht for some cliff diving and beach lounging, but Brad sadly didn't feel any chemistry with her.

"I don't have that urge to just grab her and kiss her," Brad said. Before unceremoniously dropping her off the yacht, the bachelor told Britt, "I think enough of you to tell you right now. I don't see a future with you tonight." With those final words from Brad, Britt was forced to walk back to the hotel, face the other ladies in humiliation, and pack her things.

Before going out with Britt, Brad took single mother Emily and funeral director Shawntel for a separate date. He went with the former first, taking her to a private strip of sand in the middle of the ocean. After a conversation in an attempt to "open up" with each other, they were engaged in a make-out session and then having a dinner.

"We're losing the sun, and we're gaining the moon," Brad said. In the middle of the dinner, he asked Emily about taking him to meet her daughter. With "deep sigh," she regrettably said, "I am overprotective and I've really never introduced her to anybody that I've dated." But Brad was persistent, "I'll tell you right now, and I shouldn't tell you...The next rose ceremony, I'm giving you a rose... We're going to your hometown, period."

Like Emily, Shawntel's date with Brad seemed to go well. They enjoyed a date in a local village, going for a bike ride, enjoying dinner, and going to a local concert before making out on the beach. Three ladies left, Chantal, Michelle and Ashley, were taken on a group date.

They did a sexy photoshoot for Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition. Ashley posed topless, covering her breast with conch shells. Chantal also took off her top, but it was Michelle who got frisky with Brad. She straddled and assaulted him with her seductive behavior. Despite her efforts to win his heart, she was sent home by the bachelor. Upset with the elimination, she refused to even talk to him.

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