Exclusive Interview: Fallon and Felisha on Debut Album and Cherish Break-Up Rumor

Exclusive Interview: Fallon and Felisha on Debut Album and Cherish Break-Up Rumor

The album is planned to be released in mid 2011, and despite the break-up rumor Fallon and Felisha get supports from the other members of Cherish.
Although Fallon & Felisha have only released one single "Lights Out" and are currently preparing a debut album, these twins are hardly new in music industry. They are well known as the members of R&B singing group Cherish who broke Billboard Hot 200 with their first album "Unappreciated".

Now, the two young girls are building a new path as a duo with all fresh music and they are ready to be back in the game. The first single which has been released to mark the beginning of their career as a duo is a club-banging track "Lights Out". In an exclusive interview with AceShowbiz, these girls tease what to expect from them after the single release. They also discuss persistent rumor about Cherish getting break-up.

ASB: What made you decide to work together as a duo?

F+F: While growing up, there were several things that Fallon and I did together aside from the group. It came as no surprise to our sisters when we asked if they would support us doing a duo project.

ASB: Does this mean that Cherish no longer exists?

F+F: Cherish is a brand and a bond that is unbreakable. We plan on having a very long career in the music industry and to definitely release more albums as a group in the near future.

ASB: What did the other Cherish members think about your side project?

F+F: Our sisters are very supportive of the project and gave us their blessing to do it.

ASB: What would be different musically about Fallon & Felisha?

F+F: The music is a little more pop friendly and relates to all genres. It doesn't put a stipulation on us creatively and that's what we are trying to accomplish.

ASB: Why was "Lights Out" chosen as your debut single? What's the story behind it?

F+F: "Lights Out" is a catchy song that anyone can dance to. It's a great first single to reflect the mystery of the new sound and album and give a taste of what else there is to come.

ASB: Please share with your fans on AceShowbiz your plan for the music video.

F+F: The music video will be a little futuristic, minus the cliches. We will incorporate the two of us intertwined with some really cool special effects and lighting. Our male dancers look really hot. It's gonna be great.

ASB: When will Fallon & Felisha's album be out? Do you have a title?

F+F: The title for the album is still in the works. The release of the album should be mid 2011. We can't seem to stay out of the studio long enough to officially be done with the album lol.

ASB: We heard a rumor that you work with Bryan-Michael Cox and Eric Hudson. Is that true?

F+F: We've worked with B-Cox before in the past but not on this album in particular. We did work with Eric Hudson on the album and the records are awesome.

ASB: Is there any surprise collaboration that fans should expect from the album?

F+F: There's plenty of time for features on the album and remixes etc., but we think it's important for our fans to spend some time with us on this album.

ASB: We saw there are six songs already listed on your newly launched official website. Will all of them make the cut to the album?

F+F: Yes, they will.

ASB: A lot of music acts are branching out to other things such as reality shows and clothing lines. Will you stick to music or follow this path?

F+F: In this industry it's hard not to venture and do other things. In fact, it's healthy to do so. I'm not quite sure about reality TV but we definitely have other goals also.

ASB: Thank you for your time. Here is the last question. Do you have a message for your fans out there?

F+F: Definitely. Without you guys our passion means nothing. Thanks for taking out your time to read this interview! Love always.

UPDATE 09/29: This photo below was taken exclusively from Fallon & Felisha's rehearsal of "Lights Out" video shoot.

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