Marion Cotillard Shows Off Sultry Side in New Shots for Interview Magazine

Marion Cotillard

The 34-year-old French beauty has posed in a series of pictures for the mag's August 2010 issue, revealing her racy side and showing off lots of skin.
"Inception" star Marion Cotillard has revealed her racy side on a series of pictures for Interview magazine's August 2010 issue, which is on newsstands in New York and L.A. on Tuesday, July 20. In the shots, Marion poses seductively and shows off lots of skin.

In one shot, Marion is seen posing in a bustier and little else, sitting on a book shelf. Another picture shows the French actress posing seductively in a mini dress which has its zipper loosened, baring her stunning legs and back, while one shot is even racier as the 34-year-old beauty is seen half way putting on her dress, giving a glimpse to her sexy bod.

During an interview with the magazine, Marion claimed she has been trying to strike a healthy balance between her jet-set lifestyle and being environmentalist. She said, "It's a paradox to be an actress, living in the city, taking planes all the time, trying to find the right balance in this life, which is not so eco-friendly, and still trying to respect the environment."

Being eco-friendly, Marion further shared her recent trip to the Congo with Greenpeace. "I was in the Congo for a week because I've been working with Greenpeace for a while and I've been wanting to do a documentary about the forest there," she said. "It's one of the most ancient forests in the world and I met all of these amazing people who are trying to fight against the timber industry cutting down the trees there."

"People were telling me all about their lives and how they are trying to survive in a country where there is so much corruption," Marion continued. "I even slept in one of the forest villages. I really connected to the people there - their hopes and despair and struggles. It was an intense and beautiful trip."

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