'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Slams Faker in an Outrage Post

'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Slams Faker in an Outrage Post

Kurt Sutter uses harsh language in describing 'f**king losers' who claim that his show is something borrowed out of somebody else's idea.
In a lengthy blog entry, "Sons of Anarchy" creator took a jab out of actor Chuck Zito who filed a lawsuit and claimed that the show stole his idea. Kurt Sutter, obviously unhappy with the fuss, sent a message to "every delusional b*tch" who thinks that they have come up with the idea for "SOA".

"Having the f**king idea is not the show," he ranted. "There have been dozens of outlaw motorcycle dramas pitched in the last ten years. None of them has made it to series except for SOA because they sucked." Sutter also noted that he and his parent company are "stubborn and aggressive" in fighting such cases.

Earlier this week, Zito filed a legal paper in Los Angeles to ask FX for $5 million in compensation of his idea being used. He said he pitched "Nomad" in 2004 and entered a term with the network that if his idea is eventually used, then he will get royalty and credit. FX decided to pass on his proposal.

Sutter revealed a behind the curtain fact that FX receives hundreds of pitches every year and passes on a lot of them. "The network is not in the business of stealing ideas," he said. The showrunner also slammed THR's article which said that he didn't have a knowledge about motorcycle gang. "I did what a good writers does. Research," he explained.

On the last note, Sutter sarcastically joked, "Oh, and by the way, once, in 2004, I was in the lobby of AMC and complained to someone's assistant that there was a guy in the parking lot acting like a 'mad man'. ...AMC and Matt Weiner stole my idea. Clearly I came up with the concept for 'Mad Men'."

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