Gucci Mane to Release New Mixtape From Behind Bars

The mixtape will be released in April and feature Nicki Minaj, Trey Songz and Lil' Kim among other big stars.

AceShowbiz - Living in prison doesn't stop %cGucci Mane% from making new music as he has crafted some fresh materials while staying in the facility. This rapper is going to include the music in his new mixtape titled "The BurrPrint 2HD" which will be dropped in the United States on April 13.

The upcoming release is hosted by %cDJ Holiday% and features more than 20 songs, including Intro and Outro "Live From Fulton County JailHD." Featured guests in this "Burrrprint 2HD [Mixtape]" include %cRick Ross%, %cYo Gotti%, %cJim Jones%, %cTrey Songz%, %cDJ Khaled%, %cWaka Flocka Flame%, %cShawty Lo%, %cNicki Minaj% and %cOJ Da Juiceman%.

There is no official word on when Gucci Mane will be released from jail. But once he is a free man, he will enter studio and give fans what he has previously promised; two sequels to his latest album "The State vs. Radric Davis".

"Burrrprint 2HD" tracklisting:

  1. "Gucci Speaks"
  2. "Intro Live From Fulton County JailHD"
  3. "Boy From the Block"
  4. "Gucci Speaks/ %cShawty Lo% Speaks"
  5. "Parked Outside"
  6. "Gucci on the Rise"
  7. "%cRick Ross% Speaks/ %cDJ Khaled% Speaks"
  8. "Do This Sh-- Again" feat. %cYo Gotti% and %cRick Ross%
  9. "Everybody Looking"
  10. "%cYo Gotti% Speaks"
  11. "Coca Coca" feat. %cRocko%, %cOJ Da Juiceman%, %cWaka Flocka Flame%, %cShawty Lo%, %cYo Gotti% and %cNicki Minaj%
  12. "Gucci Speaks"
  13. "Here We Go Again"
  14. "%cLil' Kim% Speaks"
  15. "Antisocial," feat. %cMylah%
  16. "Beat It Up, featuring %cTrey Songz%
  17. "Gucci Speaks"
  18. "911 Emergency"
  19. "Alley Boy Speaks"
  20. "How I'm Living" feat. %cJim Jones%
  21. "Shining for No Apparent Reason" feat. %cWaka Flocka Flame% and %cWooh Da Kid%
  22. "I'm So Tired of You"
  23. "Outro Live From Fulton County JailHD"

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