Rihanna's 'Russian Roulette' Arrives, New Album Is Called 'Rated R'

Rihanna unleashes her fresh material called 'Russian Roulette', its provocative cover art and her new album's title.

AceShowbiz - Rihanna's brand new single "Russian Roulette" which is written by Ne-Yo has arrived. The track is confirmed to be the first single from the Barbadian songstress' upcoming studio album "Rated R" which is due for November 23 U.S. release.

A music video in companion to the song has been filmed last week in New York City. It is directed by Anthony Mandler and is expected to be debuted on ABC during the network's primetime hours. Unfortunately, no specified premiere date is mentioned.

A cover art for the single has also been put forward. The artwork features Rihanna being topless and tied up in barbed wires. Wearing an eye patch, she looks fiercely to the camera with slightly-opened mouth. Her right hand is holding a chain hanging from the ceiling.

"Take a breath / Take it deep / Calm yourself / He says to me / If you play / You play for keeps / Take the gun / And count to three," part of the song's lyrics read. "And you can see my heart beating / You can see it through my chest / I said I'm terrified, but I'm not leaving / I know that I must pass this test / So just pull the trigger."

"Russian Roulette" can be streamed on Rihanna's official website.

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