'HIMYM': Lily's Grandma, Barney's Competition, and the Kiss

Marion Ross comes to the show in Thanksgiving episode, Robin gets a new love interest and Lily kisses Barney in a what-if sequence.

AceShowbiz - Lily's extended family will be exposed more on "How I Met Your Mother". After casting Chris Elliott to be her estranged father, the show signed "Gilmore Girls" actress Marion Ross to be her grandmother. TV Guide said that the character named Rita will appear in November 23 episode titled "Maple Swirls" which celebrates the Turkey Day.

Lily and her friends visit her grandparents who have been plagued by Elliott's Mickey aka their son. Rita and her husband are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner. There is still no word on who will be the grandfather.

On another news, TV Guide also reported that Barney will have a competition later this season. Robin is set to have a new co-anchor on her early morning show, "Come On, New York, Get Up" and he, whose name is Don, will catch her attention.

Meanwhile, in November 2 episode Barney will have a dream sequence of kissing Lily when he wonders what if he is her husband instead of Marshall. Called "Bagpipes", the episode follows Barney as he seeks a relationship advice from Lily and Marshall.

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