'Ghost Whisperer' 5.03 Preview: Meet Eli's Ghost Parents

In 'Till Death Do Us Part', Eli's dad goes to the other side when he passes away out of heart attack.

AceShowbiz - One of the lead characters' parent is dead in the next episode of "Ghost Whisperer". Described by star Jennifer Love Hewitt as one of the most controversial episodes yet, the third chapter into the fifth season will follow Eli's dark past in his family.

Eli's father suffers a massive heart attack, triggering a tangled reunion with Eli's mother, who has been dead almost ten years and unable to cross over, as a result of a secret she took to her grave. Called "Till Death Do Us Part", it will be aired on Friday, October 9.

Barry Newman guest stars as Ray James, Eli's dad, while Christine Estabrook plays Evelyn the mother. The show was casting younger versions of Eli, Ray, Evelyn, Anne, Casey and Don because there will be a bunch of flashbacks into the point of life where tragedy struck.

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