'The Final Destination' Rules Labor Day Box Office

'The Final Destination' Rules Labor Day Box Office

The fourth 'Final Destination' movie continues its winning streak at the North American box office by maintaining the top slot through the Labor Day weekend.
As predicted, "The Final Destination" pushed through the Labor Day weekend atop the North American box office. Having secured its #1 place at the chart for a second consecutive week over the three-day weekend, the Warner Bros.' 3D horror-fest stayed strong on the top position with $15.3 million that was counted from September 4 to 7.

With the additional Labor Day tally, the fourth chapter in the horror series has lifted its total earning to $50.4 million after only eleven days in theaters. That made this David R. Ellis-directed thriller to be well on track in becoming the franchise's highest grossing film, as it will easily beat 2006's "Final Destination 3" bow of $54.1 million.

Overseas, "Destination" has narrowly outgrossed "Inglourious Basterds" and took over the #1 international box office title from the Quentin Tarantino's World War II epic. Although estimated to log in at $14 million on Sunday, September 6, it came up with a number that was "higher than estimated", as reported by Warners. It drew in $15.5 million from about 2,000 screens in 18 territories.

While "Basterds" lost its top position in international market, it retained its second place at the North American chart. Reported to have fallen to third spot over the three days weekend, the Brad Pitt-toplined drama swapped rankings with newcomer "All About Steve". It pulled in nearly $15 million over the Labor Day weekend to bring the total to $95.1 million.

"Steve" was listed third following the Labor Day tally with $14.1 million in its pocket. Giving comment on the Sandra Bullock's comedy, 20th Century Fox senior vice president Bert Livingston said, "Sandra sells tickets, there's no question. But it's the end of the summer, and this year it's the latest the Labor Day weekend can possibly be. So that affects your grosses, though we are very happy with this number."

The fourth and fifth slots at the chart remained the same as the three-day box office. "Gamer" maintained its fourth place by garnering $11.2 million, while "District 9" rounded up the top five with $9.1 million. Another newcomer "Extract" got the ninth slot on the top ten, pulling in $5.5 million.

Top Ten Movies at Labor Day Weekend Box Office for September 4 - 7:
  1. "The Final Destination" - $15.3 million
  2. "Inglourious Basterds" - $15 million
  3. "All About Steve" - $14.1 million
  4. "Gamer" - $11.2 million
  5. "District 9" - $9.1 million
  6. "Julie & Julia" - $7.1 million
  7. "H2: Halloween 2" - $6.9 million
  8. "G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra" - $6.7 million
  9. "Extract" - $5.5 million
  10. "The Time Traveler's Wife" - $5.5 million

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