VH1 May Not Air 'I Love Money 3' Due to Murder Case

With one of the participants being in hunt for homicide, the network has put the brake in deciding when to air the third season of the reality series.
The murder of swimsuit model Jasmine Fiore has transcended into a potential cancellation of another reality TV series. VH1 reportedly has not decided whether or not to run "I Love Money" season 3 which was slated for 2010 broadcast. Ryan Alexander Jenkins who is named "person of interest" in the murder case is one of the contestants in the show.

"I Love Money" is a series featuring contestants from various VH1 reality shows competing for a sum of money. It is produced by 51 Minds which confirmed that it has commissioned background checks on all contestants before signing them. It, however, failed to notice Jenkin's 2007 assault charge that put him in probation back in his hometown of Calgary, Alberta.

Spokesman of the production house declined to specify how far Jenkins has progressed on the show but according to some reports, he was actually the winner. Several sources said Jenkins himself has told his friends that he won some cash from the show. Furthermore, Zap2It said in its report that Jenkins went to 51 Minds' office earlier this week and "begged" the company to hand him the $250,000 grand prize check.

Fiore's body was found inside a suitcase that was dumped at Buena Park, CA trash can. Her teeth and fingers were removed in attempt to hinder identification by the authorities. She, however, was managed to be recognized through the breast implants. A preliminary coroner's report shows Fiore was strangled around last weekend.

Jenkins, who was married quickie to Fiore in Las Vegas, has earlier caused the halt of another reality show "Megan Wants a Millionaire". VH1 has retracted all informations regarding "Millionaire" and "Money" from the official sites.

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