Mischa Barton Will Report Back to 'The Beautiful Life'

It has been confirmed by her publicist that she will retain her role as a struggling model on the TV show despite her undisclosed health problem.

AceShowbiz - Whether Mischa Barton's health concern will affect her stint on "The Beautiful Life: TBL" is clarified by her publicist. Craig Schneider released a statement to The Associated Press on Tuesday, July 21 that the actress is "still seeking treatment but making improvements," and thus will be able to go back to work in time.

Schneider refused to go beyond the status of Barton's health but said that she will report to work later this month. Furthermore, a spokesman from The CW also confirmed that the production wheel will go in motion starting July 31, just in time for Barton to catch up.

Los Angeles Police escorted Barton from her home on Wednesday, July 15 to Los Angeles Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. Shortly after, came an announcement from The CW that "TBL" production is delayed a week from July 22 to July 31. However, the network said that the push back is unrelated to Barton's case.

With the confirmation from the publicist, it is now assumed that Barton will not be replaced by another actress on the show as previously reported by several media.

"The Beautiful Life: TBL", which is chronicling the lives of young models in the fast lane, will be premiered on September 16. Mischa Barton plays a pill-popping model Sonja who is keeping up with the constant changes of fashion world.

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