'Hitched or Ditched' Clip: Rescue Me From Your Mom

'Hitched or Ditched' Clip: Rescue Me From Your Mom

When Courtney and Anthony are challenged by their friend to step onto the wedding platform, Anthony's mother shows a great objection.
The CW's summer filler "Hitched or Ditched" will welcome a new couple who is about to get married, Courtney and Anthony. A webclip from the episode which is airing on Tuesday, June 16 is released to give the idea on how the two met and what made them fall for each other.

24-year-old Courtney and 25-year-old Anthony have been dating for two years, and their rollercoaster relationship has left the couple looking to take the next step. When Courtney, a clothing store owner slash model, and Anthony, a student and volunteer fireman, are presented with a surprise invitation to their own wedding, the couple faces intense opposition from all of their friends and family.

Violet, Anthony's mother, threatens to commit herself if the couple weds and vows to not attend the ceremony, while Anthony promises he is ready to stand up to his family. With only five days left to the wedding day, the question is "Will they be hitched or ditched?"

The one-hour reality show is new to the network, following a couple who has been in a long-term relationship but has not yet taken a big leap into marriage. A friend of them nominates the couple to either tie the knot or break it up, within a week. When the D-day arrives, the couple must decide whether they want to go on or call the whole thing off.

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