Marie Digby's Music Video for 'Feel' Released

Marie Digby has debuted a music video to promote her new song called 'Feel', which is taken from new album 'Breathing Underwater'.
An official music video aimed to serve as a Japanese promotional effort for Marie Digby's new song "Feel" has just been premiered. Partially filmed in black and white, it mostly captures the singer making her way among the crowd of people in downtown Tokyo when she visited the city a few months ago.

Marie will include "Feel" in her new album "Breathing Underwater" which was originally set to be put out for purchase across United States on July 21 but was leaked months prior to the release date. In response to the leak, she wrote on her MySpace, "My album advance was sent only to the folks at my record label, radio DJ's and music supervisors. It is just inevitable that one of those people are going to try and make a buck or put up the music just for their own personal satisfaction. It's sad but it's just a part of life."

Marie Digby is a half Japanese and half Irish-American singer who reached worldwide popularity after uploading a home-made video showing her singing to Rihanna's smash hit "Umbrella" on file-sharing website YouTube.

» Continue to view Marie Digby's "Feel" music video.

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