Family and Friends React to David Carradine's Sudden Death

David Carradine

Some famous celebrities, like Kirstie Alley, Michael Madsen, and Rainn Wilson, have expressed their loss upon hearing news of David Carradine's sudden death.
Family and friends of late actor David Carradine waste no time to express their thoughts regarding his sudden death, expressing their mourn via various media. His niece, actress Martha Plimpton, said "My uncle David was a brilliantly talented, fiercely intelligent and generous man. He was the nexus of our family in so many ways, and drew us together over the years and kept us connected. I adored him as a child, and as an adult I admired and respected him. We will all miss him terribly, and are so grateful for everyone's condolences."

Fellow actor Rainn Wilson preferred to issue a condolence via Twitter. "R.I.P. David Carradine. You were a true hero to so many of us children of the 70s. We'll miss you, Kwai Chang Caine," he tweeted. Rob Thomas has changed his Twitter background to honor the late actor and wrote, "wow. david carradine died last night. heavy. thanx for the ride, grasshopper."

In addition to them all, there was also Kirstie Alley who tweeted, "David Carradine has passed away.he is a friend of mine and this is a shocking way to learn of his passing..David, you will be missed..Love,K...To David's family and children..we love you and we are here for you...David, wild man of the universe? I salute you......"

Actor Michael Madsen also joined the celeb mourners, saying "David was one of the first actors I ever worked with when I started my career and the closest person to a brother that I ever had in my life. It is shocking to me that he is no longer with us. I had been thinking about calling him for the last several days and advise anybody who has been thinking about reaching out to a loved one to do so. I have so many great memories of David that I wouldn't even know where to begin. He has a very special place in my heart."

Reaction also came from film director and producer, Martin Scorsese. He said, "I was deeply saddened by the news of David Carradine's passing. We met when we made 'Boxcar Bertha' together, almost 40 years ago. I have very fond memories of our time together on that picture and on 'Mean Streets,' where he agreed to do a brief cameo. David was a great collaborator, a uniquely talented actor, and a wonderful spirit. He loved movies, acting in movies, making movies, and he was always extremely generous."

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