Gambit Won't Be Featured in 'X-Men: First Class'

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner has recently claimed Gambit won't be seen making an appearance in 'X-Men: First Class' though there are discussions to develop solo spin-off film out of the character.

AceShowbiz - Unlike "X-Men Origins: Wolverine", "X-Men: First Class" won't feature the card throwing mutant Gambit. The truth of the matter has been shared by "X-Men" series producer Lauren Shuler Donner to IESB during the press day for "Wolverine" in Beverly Hills over the weekend for an exclusive video interview.

While shooting down the possibility of the Cajun thief character, which is played by Taylor Kitsch in "Wolverine", making an appearance in the "X-Men" prequel, Donner hinted that Marvel have put into consideration to give Gambit a potential solo spin-off film or cameo in other future "X-Men" films. "'There are internal discussions' about a Gambit spin-off and 'they are going to figure all that out'," so IESB reported on the producer's comment.

On the occasion, Donner also addressed the chance of having director Bryan Singer as future "X-Men" movie director. The producer of "The Secret Life of Bees" said "nothing would please me more than to bring Bryan [Singer] on for another movie. And, if it's like the first Deadpool or the first Gambit, I think, I mean, I hope he would be interested..." More on the interview can be watched via IESB.

"X-Men: First Class" reportedly will take its focus on the first class at Xavier's school of the gifted. While many are still kept under tight wraps for this in-development film, "Gossip Girl" creator and executive producer, Josh Schwartz, has been brought aboard to pen the screenplay. Lauren Shuler Donner and Simon Kinberg will be serving as its producers.

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