'The Celebrity Apprentice' Week 6 Recap: Mr. Trump Fires Two

'The Celebrity Apprentice' Week 6 Recap: Mr. Trump Fires Two

Not only one but two were dismissed in 'The Celebrity Apprentice', Tionne Watkins for volunteering in the execution and Khloe Kardashian for being in DUI case.
It was time for another challenge and another celebrity kicked out of "The Apprentice". Since the men team lost one more member last week, they were outnumbered and Donald trump has decided to shuffle things up.

KOTU is Clint Black, Joan Rivers, Natalie Gurbis, Khloe Kardashian and Herschel Walker. Athena meanwhile is Melissa Rivers, Annie Duke, Tionne Watkins, Jesse James and Brande Roderick. Brian McKnight meanwhile, was going for a prior commitment and Mr. Trump would decide later on which team he would go.

The teams would have to create a video to advertise All Small and Mighty Detergent. Judgement will be made based on originality, branding and buzzworthy-ness. Melissa stepped up as the project manager for Athena while Clint led the KOTU. Athena came up with the idea of Jesse starring in the viral video, being washed by midgets, while Athena brought dirty jokes about 'dirty laundry'.

Athena asked the execs of the product whether they were allowed to use profane language and stuff. Awkward silence occurred at some points and Natalie said that they had to change direction. Since the brainstorming session did not come out productive, Clint said that they had to stick with his joke idea.

Annie was sent away with Tionne to pick up the props they needed. Melissa thought that Annie was like a puppet master who tried to control everything even though she was not the project manager. On the other side, Joan was throwing tantrum for not having her idea listened by Clint. She hated the idea of the dirty laundry joke, and more on the fact that Natalie and Khloe could only whisper about it.

Donald Trump Jr. visited Athena where he asked about the concept of their ad and the midget actors were brought in. KOTU meanwhile, had trouble with their actor and had to fire him so Clint would step up as the actor, fueling Joan's anger further since she insisted that there was no discussion going on, it was just Clint's decision. During the rehearsal, Herschel frowned in confusion over the concept of the video.

Over at Athena the actors thought their costume looked like oompa loompa's but things went out according to plan. The situation was much worse on KOTU when Clint played the one-man game, locking out all the rest of the team off the editing room. Joan said that she did not want to see Clint anymore after the show ended.

Time for judgment. Donald Trump sat with the executives and they had to invite blogger Perez Hilton to comment. Perez said that KOTU's video was "shortsighted" while Athena's failed to grab the target market which is women. The execs meanwhile, were generally unimpressed with both.

In the boardroom, Mr. Trump told the teams that they both failed because the execs hated both ads. Thus, Melissa and Clint were asked to bring two people each. Melissa picked Tionne and Brande out of random choice while Clint brought Natalie and Khloe. Annie and Brian, meanwhile, missed the boardroom.

Trump asked Tionne why she wanted to come along Melissa and she said that she wanted to stick by Melissa, so Trump fired her. "Never volunteer for execution," Trump said.

Khloe was asked on her whereabouts on the last week's challenge and knowing that she served a court order of DUI case, Trump also fired her but gave the money to her charity of choice anyway. "I hate people who drive under the influence. I know three families who lost children to drunken driving. If I had known you would have been missing time on the task for a DUI, you would have never been on the show," Trump concluded.

Meanwhile, the detergent challenge branches out to a Video Encore on the All laundry web site immediately after the show ended. Melissa Rivers stars in "Melissa in Laundry Fairy" while her mother Joan Rivers is involved in "Guess that Stain"!"

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