'Dragonball Evolution' Release Delayed Two Days

'Dragonball Evolution' Release Delayed Two Days

Having been pushed forward to a new release date schedule, April 8, 'Dragonball Evolution' gets another schedule shift as it is now set to hit U.S. theaters two days later.
The 20th Century Fox have adjusted the U.S. release date of their upcoming "Dragonball Evolution" yet again. After moving it to the April 8 slate late last year, the studio decided to put it back on the Friday release schedule on April 10. With the new date, the live-action adaptation will be in competition with "Hannah Montana: The Movie" and "Observe and Report".

Putting the schedule change aside, IGN has just got the chance to interview James Marsters. In the chat, the actor who played Lord Piccolo talked about the differences of this feature film character from the one in "Dragon Ball Z". "This character is nothing like you're going to recognize from Dragon Ball Z because this is a story that happens before Dragon Ball Z. In the actual source material that we were adapting, we were only dealing with Dragon Ball," he began explaining.

"In Dragon Ball, Lord Piccolo is a very old, kind of shriveled Namic. This green guy who has to walk with a walking stick, he's so old," he continued. "And at the very end of the season, when he finally fights little Goku - and Goku in the manga is only 7 years old - he throws off his coat and it's actually kind of surprising he has a body left at all. So, my kind of template to do this Piccolo was, 'Let's make him as old as possible.'"

"We don't want to make him as decrepit as the manga because he is the only villain for this part of the story of Goku, so we should make him maybe a little more powerful. But let's not give the audience the young Piccolo yet, because in the story, Lord Piccolo comes back to the Earth to get the Dragonballs to wish himself young and then take over the Earth," he said before ending his comment saying, "And if we started Piccolo being young, there would be no reason for him to get the Dragonballs in the first place."

Adapted from Akira Toriyama's famous Japanese manga of the same name, "Dragonball Evolution" revolves around Goku's journey to collect all seven Dragonballs. Having had one of the balls, the young warrior must now gather around six others before Lord Piccolo gets his hands on them and destroys Earth. The live-action film produced by Stephen Chow stars Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum, and Chow Yun-Fat among others.

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