Sneak Peek of Taylor Swift's Cameo in 'CSI'

Sneak Peek of Taylor Swift's Cameo in 'CSI'

In 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' episode 'Turn Turn Turn', Taylor Swift goes from auburn to blonde and kisses a guy.
One of the most hyped guest cameos in "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" this season is that by country singer Taylor Swift. And arriving as a promo is a sneak peek of her episode "Turn Turn Turn" where she changes looks frequently since the scenes take course over a year.

Nick Stokes is led to investigate another murder in a motel where three separate murders have been taking place within a year. Swift plays a teenager named Haley Jones whose parents run the seedy motel in Las Vegas. During a red carpet interview, Swift spilled that her character gets hurt and it involves a scissor.

Talking more about her guest stint, she said "I was in L.A. shooting for two weeks and I had all these different hair colors and styles and I changed my look a million times. I've always wanted to do that so to also do it on my favorite show is pretty unforgettable."

"Turn Turn Turn" airs on March 5.

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