Updates of '1906' and 'Toy Story 3' From Brad Bird

Brad Bird

Putting finishing touches to '1906' script and looking for the film's shooting locations, director Brad Bird reveals that 'Toy Story 3' is about ready to go into production.
While attending the premiere of "Coraline", director Brad Bird made time to talk about his upcoming project, "1906", as well as Pixar's "Toy Story 3". Opening up to Latino Review on how far along is "1906", the 51-year-old filmmaker confessed that though he is still working on the script, the pre-production phase has begun.

"We're looking at places to shoot it. The script I'm still working. it's a really hard script to write," the two-time Academy Award recipient explained. "And mostly because there are so many interesting things going on in that place and that particular period of time that anytime you're going towards something, you're going away from 5 other cool things. So it's been really hard for me to write. but I think it's going to great. and we'll see IF they have the courage to make."

Though remaining coy about the stars interested to join his live-action project, Bird revealed that he already thinks about whom he would love to star in the film. "I do, but I can't say because it'll jinx it," he said when asked about the casting. "There are some wonderful people who are interested and I hope they're still interested when I finish the script."

Describing further that the movie would be "a romantic, epic mystery with lots of action in it", the director of "Ratatouille" stated that the story is "based around events leading up to and through the earthquake of San Francisco of 1906". He, moreover, expressed his excitement on moving from animation to live-action film, saying "I've been wanting to do it a long time."

On the "Toy Story 3" update, Bird gave out that the pre-production of the animated film has been going on around him. "It's about ready to go into production," he said. "They're just about finished with 'Up' and then the animators will regain their senses for a few weeks." Still, when asked further on the film's details, he quickly said, "Ya, you're trying to trick me! There are some new characters, and it will be funny."

"1906" centers on a college student who begins to investigate the murder of his father. While doing so, he uncovers a web of deceit that has left the city vulnerable to the sort of fire that breaks out when the Great Earthquake of 1906 hits San Francisco. The Warner Bros. Pictures film has yet to have its exact release date, while "Toy Story 3", a 3-D animation that chronicles the adventures faced by Andy's toys as they are dumped in a day-care center, is set for June 18, 2010 U.S. release.

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