Eleven New Teams of 'The Amazing Race' 14 Introduced

Eleven New Teams of 'The Amazing Race' 14 Introduced

A series of grueling challenges were set up for the 11 teams of 'The Amazing Race' that will be back airing on February 15.
"The Amazing Race" aims it big in their fourteenth edition that will premiere Sunday, February 15 at 8/7c on CBS. The 11 teams competing for the $1 million prize were put in the "most grueling" courses in the show's history, including surviving the freezing temperature of Siberia and jumping for the world's second tallest bungee jump.

"Heading into our 14th season, I wanted to pull out all the stops. We have extreme climates, intense roadblocks and less time in airports, which adds up to an exhausting course for the racers," said co-creator and executive producer Bertram van Munster on the press release. "Whether you're a screenwriter, a Harvard graduate, a jockey or a carpenter, this race will test your stamina, your heart and your will to win."

Those teams consisting of two each have been introduced and they include stunt men, parish father and his gay son, former NFL cheerleaders and Harvard graduates. They went through 40,000 miles leg of race within 22 days and visited 9 different countries.

Among other things that they went through are an Olympic-sized of challenge that had the teams "gasping for air" and the raging heat of India. This season also marks the Emmy Awards-winning show's first trip to Romania and Siberia.

The 11 Teams of "The Amazing Race" 14:
  • "Brothers/Stuntmen" Mark and Michael Munoz
  • "Sibling Lawyers" Tammy and Victor Jih
  • "Flight Attendants" Christie Volkmer and Jodi Wincheski
  • "Sisters" Jennifer and LaKisha Hoffman
  • "Married Couple" Brad and Victoria Hunt
  • "Dating Couple" Jennifer Hopka and Preston McCamy
  • "Mother and Son" Margie and Luke Adams
  • "Father and Son" Mel and Mike White
  • "Married Couple" Steve and Linda Cole
  • "Dating Couple" Amanda Blackledge and Kris Klicka
  • "Former NFL Cheerleaders" Cara Rosenthal and Jaime Edmondson

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