'Coraline' Unearths Official Site, New Featurettes and Complete Alphabet Cards

'Coraline' Unearths Official Site, New Featurettes and Complete Alphabet Cards

Explore the alternate world of 'Coraline' through its official website, meet the cast of the 3D movie through a featurette and learn some new terms from the cards.
Less than two months away from its theatrical release "Coraline" has launched its official website and released several featurettes. One of the videos released to promote the 3D movie is "Meet the Cast" where characters like piano man, The Cat, Miss Forcible and others are given introduction.

The official site of the 3D movie contains lots of interesting features such as a peek on Coraline's bedroom and Other Mother's workshop where fans can upload their picture to see what they look like in Coraline's world. Also included are hidden behind-the-scene videos and goodies to download that can be noticed when one explores and clicks around.

The complete alphabet card from A to Z is also released, giving explanation on some terms and character traits in the movie.

Directed by Henry Selick who tackled "Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas", "Coraline" tells the story of a bored girl named Coraline Jones who one day finds a secret door and discovers an alternate world. But when this seemingly perfect world turns dangerous, and her other parents try to trap her forever, Coraline must find a way to escape the world and save her family.

"Coraline" will be released in U.S. theaters on February 6, 2009. Voice talents among others are filled by Dakota Fanning as the titular character, Teri Hatcher as Coraline's Mother/Other Mother, and Ian McShane as Mr. Bobinski.
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