Explore the Origins of July 20th Plot Through 'Valkyrie' Interactive Timeline

Explore the Origins of July 20th Plot Through 'Valkyrie' Interactive Timeline

An interactive timeline highlighting on the events leading to the July 20th plot has been presented by United Artists for Bryan Singer's drama thriller starring Tom Cruise, 'Valkyrie'.
In anticipation to the nearing wide release of "Valkyrie", United Artists have got together a special interactive timeline for the drama thriller based on the true story of the daring and ingenious plot to assassinate Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler. The July 20th plot interactive timeline chronicles the momentous occurrences from the day Hitler was appointed as Chancellor of Germany on January 30, 1933.

Other than giving out the prominent dates and events throughout 1933 to 1944 that shaped the elaborate scheme, the July 20th plot interactive timeline also provides photos and detailed information behind a specific date listed. So far, the timeline has yet to reach the July 20, 1944, the day the planned assassination will be delivered. It is stopped at the "Turning Point" on June 7, 1944, but description on the particular date promises that the July 20th plot will be unfolded.

The story of "Valkyrie" itself has come up to screenwriter Christopher McQuarrie's attention when he was doing research for another project in the winter of 2002. During a tour of the city, he came across the street named after Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg where Bendlerblock, a monument to the German Resistance, lays. Finding it to be the only monument to any German who served in World War II, McQuarrie dug more on the story behind.

"Of course, I wanted to know more," said the "The Usual Suspects" scribbler. "Here was a very complex, remarkable story that most people outside of Germany had never heard before. It was a story that revealed not all Germans supported Hitler, that there were all kinds of resistors, including those in the military, and some who were willing to stand up and say no. The more I learned, the more I knew it would make a fantastic movie."

Helping McQuarrie in bringing to life the story is director Bryan Singer. Commenting on Singer's contribution to the project, executive producer Chris Lee praised, "What always sets Bryan's movies apart are the complexity of their characters, the emotions, and the absence of complete black and white, all married with a sense of pacing and action. Bryan's ability to balance lots of intriguing characters started with The Usual Suspects and continued with the X-Men movies."

Meanwhile, the man trusted to take on the role of von Stauffenberg is three-time Academy Awards-nominated actor Tom Cruise. Stating that he is looking for an actor that could portray the intensity and the charisma of von Stauffenberg, Singer shared his insight on the choice, "Very few actors are able to pull off those hero roles, but Tom completely does - he's a highly skilled actor and has such a strong screen presence. Tom also had a passion for this project from the beginning and he believed, like I do, that it's a story that should be told."

Claimed to be "an intense top notch thriller" by Jeffrey Lyons of WNBC, "Valkyrie" is a movie based on the true story of von Stauffenberg, a loyal German officer who joins German Resistance to stop Hitler before Europe and Germany are destroyed. This thriller takes its name from 'Operation Valkyrie', Hitler's emergency plan to stabilize the government in the event of his death which is used by the Resistance to overthrow the dictator. It is set to hit the U.S. theaters on December 25.

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