Exclusive Interview: Lady GaGa on Touring and Writing for Next Record

Exclusive Interview: Lady GaGa on Touring and Writing for Next Record

To AceShowbiz.com, Lady GaGa reveals that she's been writing some stuff for her next album while planning to shoot a new music video for one of the singles out of her debut album 'The Fame'.
AceShowbiz.com catches up with one of the most talked-about music acts today, Lady GaGa, just a few hours before she goes on stage with New Kids On The Block in San Diego as part of their joint tour. Lady GaGa claims her fame with "Just Dance" that reaches #2 on both iTunes and U.S. Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart. Her debut album "The Fame" was released in U.S. on October 28.

During the phone interview, she reveals how it feels like to open for the reunited boy band, and how if she's branded the next dance queen after Madonna as well as what's ahead for her in music.

ASB: You're about to go up stage in a few hours, what do you usually do in the last minutes before going out there?

Lady GaGa: Before I go on stage, I would meditate.

ASB: How has it been touring with New Kids On The Block?

Lady GaGa: It's been really amazing and I'm having so much fun. I would go with them, they are wonderful, kind and sexy. I'm having the best time of my life.

ASB: What is the most exciting part when it comes to performing?

Lady GaGa: For me, it's one thing that fans be entertained and excited by the show.

ASB: So far in the tour, do you have a favorite stop?

Lady GaGa: I love performing in New York City.

ASB: With you so busy in the middle of touring do you have time for personal life like dating?

Lady GaGa: Well, on my downtime I actually design.

ASB: For clothes?

Lady GaGa: I design all the clothes on my show. I like design for the stage performers.

ASB: Once in an interview you said that "Brown Eyes" was inspired by a sad experience, does it need such extreme conditions for you to write songs?

Lady GaGa: Not always.

ASB: So you write in happy times too?

Lady GaGa: Yes I do.

ASB: Many wonder whether you wear wig on stage. Kindly spill the fact.

Lady GaGa: No, I don't wear wig on stage. It's my hair.

ASB: After "Poker Face", do you have one more music video from "The Fame"?

Lady GaGa: Yeah, I'm gonna... I'm shooting a new video in January.

ASB: For which single?

Lady GaGa: I can't say say what song it is yet but I'm really excited to be in the video. I'd like to keep it as a surprise.

ASB: Beside touring and promoting "The Fame", have you started writing for your next album?

Lady GaGa: Yeah.

ASB: How has it been going?

Lady GaGa: Really great. I don't wanna say anything about what it sounds like but I write hundreds of songs before I choose for the next record.

ASB: How would you feel if you are branded "The Next Dance Queen After Madonna"?

Lady GaGa: I think it's great. I mean, I don't wanna be the next Madonna. I want to be the next Lady GaGa but I'm really very flattered by the comparison. I really admire her as a female performer.

ASB: When was the first time you realize that you are known to the public? Do you remember?

Lady GaGa: No, I mean I think it happens organically and gradually. I've been working really hard for a while since I was very little.

ASB: You once said that you're a bit of a con artist, tricking people into believing you are famous. Do you still do that?

Lady GaGa: Well, now I don't do it so much because I'm more well known for my music now.

ASB: With your unique style of dressing, would you say that you branch out into the fashion industry someday?

Lady GaGa: I think someday, yeah. I want for sure to go for fashion, but I want to focus on my show right now.

ASB: What about acting? I heard you were involved in a theater while in school.

Lady GaGa: I love acting and I love theater, but again I really wanna keep the focus on my music and performance art right now.

Lady GaGa is touring nationwide in support of "The Fame". The complete tour dates can be seen on her MySpace while her album can be purchased via Amazon.

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