Artist of the Week: Pink

Artist of the Week: Pink

Revolving around the turmoil she has experienced, Pink's forthcoming LP, 'Funhouse', will hit the market on October 28 in North America.
In 2008, Pink returns to the music scene with her fifth major studio album "Funhouse". The effort lines up Al Clay, Billy Mann, Butch Walker, Danja, Greg Wells, and Max Martin as her team on the production table. The first single off the record is entitled "So What" and shares the story of the singer's separation from motocross racer, Carey Hart, whom she married in early 2006. "I think it's really ironic that it's this kind of subject matter, and it's my first No. 1," Pink says.

Since released on August 15, "So What" has reached number one on numerous charts in several countries, including Australia, Canada, German, and Ireland as well as U.K. and U.S. Beside helping her scooping the charts' reigns, "So What" also helps her working out a healthy friendship with her ex-husband. "It's helped both of us, because we had to figure out how we could have a really, really healthy friendship. The fact we can still laugh together and piss each other off, roll our eyes at each other, throw our hands up in the air and at the end of the day it's good - we're solid," she explains in a further statement.

Pink's music sounds on "Funhouse", due for release in North America on October 28, range from a slow-jammed tune "I Don't Believe You", radio-friendly pop sounds sampled on "Please Don't Leave Me" to a softer song shown on "Crystal Ball". Saying that the album's tone resulted from some of the turmoil she has felt personally, she states, "Creating songs is my favorite part, but I've had consistent agony and joy in all of the records. I'm always defensive and a survival-oriented person. I think when I'm writing songs it's my chance to be vulnerable."

As a promotional project for the soon-to-be released record, Pink plans to hold a few one-off performances in various cities. A proper world tour will also be kicked off in Europe next February. In the meantime, music lovers can enjoy the album and the video for "So What", which features her driving a lawnmower down Sunset Boulevard. She explains, "It was so much fun, bittersweet, but really fun. I definitely bring crazy to the table. How can you not, riding a lawnmower down Sunset Boulevard when people are flicking you off? I know how to spend my Monday morning."

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