Official Cover Art of The All-American Rejects' 'When the World Comes Down' Unveiled

Official Cover Art of The All-American Rejects' 'When the World Comes Down' Unveiled

An ablaze logo with burning letters has been revealed as the cover art of The All-American Rejects' upcoming third LP, 'When the World Comes Down'.
The All-American Rejects have set their logo ablaze and revealed the fiery album cover for their upcoming "When the World Comes Down" LP. Produced by Eric Valentine, their third major studio album will feature their current single "Gives You Hell" and is set to hit the market on December 16 under Interscope Records.

In support of their forthcoming effort, the rock band have also released a brand new video previewing a more folk-inspired song called "Mona Lisa". The new single can be heard on their official site where fans can also find updated-news, including upcoming shows, from the band.

Commenting on their underway project, Nick Wheeler confesses that the "record hasn't been smooth sailing." He adds, "After the success of 'Move Along', we felt an innate need to challenge ourselves to grow. And to challenge our fans to grow with us. ... This LP is where we're at as people, not just artists, here and now. That's why we took the bus trips and locked ourselves away in remote cabins to recreate this sense of torture like we had in the past, before we sold any records."

Furthermore, Wheeler and friends have also mapped a traveling plan around the United States for a roadshow. Upcoming stops include at least ten scheduled dates which will be wrapped up on November 28 with a live concert at Oklahoma's Diamond Ballroom.

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