Confirming New Album's Title, Eminem Reveals One New Song

Confirming New Album's Title, Eminem Reveals One New Song

Eminem comes out announcing that his upcoming album will be called 'Relapse' and released before the end of 2008 along with 50 Cent's 'Before I Self Destruct'.
On an on-air interview during a launch party of his "The Way I Am" book, Eminem revealed that his sixth major studio album will be titled "Relapse". Showing much of annoyance concerning the rumor of his upcoming album, the rapper said, "Here's the deal. There's like a lot of album titles floating around out there that like, are fake album titles ... like bullshit album titles, so I was just gonna say, you know, tell everybody the real title of my album. It's coming out, it's called 'Relapse.'"

While no fixed release schedule is announced, 50 Cent, who also appeared during the interview, hinted that the Detroit rapper's album will be dropped by the end of 2008 alongside his own project "Before I Self Destruct", which will come out on December 6. "It's a story actually," he said. "'Before I Self Destruct', I'll 'Relapse', then 'Detox' (Dr. Dre)." Hosted by DJ Kayslay and Angela Yee, the October-15 interview also unveiled one of Eminem's new singles called "I'm Having a Relapse" off his forthcoming record.

"I'm always working, I'm always in the studio. It feels good right now, the energy of the label. I was going through some personal things with 50," Eminem previously spoke of his upcoming project. "We had some court dates, some drug problems and so on. But We are both coming out of those personal things, it feels good."

Audio stream of Eminem's new song "I'm Having a Relapse":

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