New and Revealing 'Twilight' Trailer Leaked Out

New and Revealing 'Twilight' Trailer Leaked Out

Starting off with him saving her life and climaxing with her life on stake, the new video focuses on the romance between Bella and Edward and Edward's fights to keep the love of his life alive.
Counting down to the theatrical release of "Twilight" in November, a brand new trailer from the vampire romance drama has come out. Premiered on Thursday, October 9 on Entertainment Tonight followed by its online launch via the official Twilight widget starting at 8:00 P.M. PT, the sneak peek into the Catherine Hardwicke's romantic thriller highlights more on the blossoming romance between Bella and Edward and how Edward fights for Bella's life when James and his crew set their eyes on her.

Opened up a far shot of the misty Pacific Northwest region where Forks is located, the trailer gives out the first shocking encounter between Bella and Edward, when Edward stops a sliding car from crushing her. Then, it is shown that Bella is trying to figure out what sort of power Edward has comparing him to superheroes, and her search leads to the discovering that Edward is a vampire. However, the fact doesn't draw her away, instead it brings her closer to him. But, their happiness doesn't last long as Edward's mortal vampire enemies come to town and hunt down Bella.

Aside from the trailer which can be seen using the widget below, there are also two new pictures from the flick. One of them displays Bella and Edward hanging out nearby a waterfall in the woods, while the other centers on Edward himself.

Scribbled by "Step Up" writer Melissa Rosenberg, "Twilight" is a Stephenie Meyer's novel adaptation about a 17-year-old girl, Isabella 'Bella' Swan, who falls in love with a vampire and begins a romantic relationship with the blood-sucking boy. Featuring Kristen Stewart as Bella and Robert Pattinson as Edward, it is directed by "Thirteen" helmer Catherine Hardwicke. The flick will be released on November 21.

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