Chilling Trailer for Brittany Murphy's 'Across the Hall'

Chilling Trailer for Brittany Murphy's 'Across the Hall'

A brand new trailer giving out glimpses of upcoming thriller starring Brittany Murphy and Mike Vogel has been outed.
The independent thriller project produced by Insomnia Media Group, "Across the Hall", has unveiled a sneak peek into the movie starring "Just Married" actress Brittany Murphy, "Cloverfield" actor Mike Vogel and television actor Danny Pino through a brand new trailer. The trailer presents compilation of clips aimed to help movie lovers to grasp what the movie is all about.

The trailer is set to have the tone of a horror movie in the sense that it displays only glimpses of scenes accompanied with the appearing words across the screen explaining what should be expected. From the looks of the trailer, the movie will be taking place in a hotel named Riverview and in room 508. Though the footage let out doesn't exactly give out a clear explanation about the story line, it still helps to get the background plot.

Simply described to be telling the story of a standoff between a young man, his fiancee and his best friend , "Across the Hall" is high-tension and sexy thriller directed by first time director Alex Merkin. The script is provided by Jesse Mittelstadt and Julien Schwab. The movie which has fallen into its post-production mode had been filmed on February 6 for 2009 release.

"Across the Hall" Trailer:

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