Exclusive Interview: The Gabe Dixon Band on Debut Album

Exclusive Interview: The Gabe Dixon Band on Debut Album

Little details are shared by the three-piece regarding their upcoming self-titled album and how it shaped up.
The Gabe Dixon Band, fronted by Gabe Dixon who played keyboards and sang backing vocals on nearly every track of Paul McCartney's 2001 "Driving Rain" album, have marked their territory of being musicians in the same league as Elton John. The three-piece act have recently finished their recording of a self-titled album that is due August 26.

To AceShowbiz, the rock band shared not only the recording process in which they confessed of writing a huge amount of material, they also spit out little details regarding the story of the band and future collaboration wish.

ASB: First of all, what is the history of the band?

Gabe: The Gabe Dixon Band formed as a tribe when we were students at the University of Miami in Florida. We soon adopted a nomadic lifestyle which took us first to New York City and subsequently to the great plains, and beyond. Our present home is Nashville, TN.

ASB: It was understood that you embarked from a heavily-influenced by jazz music. Does that mean you eliminate this music element completely?

Gabe: Jazz will never disappear from our sound completely. It seeps into everything we do. The music we are making now is more song-focused, so you may not hear jazz there all the time, but we maintain an improvisational spirit.

ASB: Many music acts are racing to be untypical and be different in sound in order to stand out. Do you think you fall into this category?

Gabe: I think we are different enough already. If we tried to be different it would probably just sound like we were trying.

ASB: Your hometown paper put your band in the league of Jackson Browne and Elton John. What was your reaction hearing such thing?

Gabe: Those two guys are living legends, and Gabe is a fan of both of them. You can put his name in the same sentence as theirs any time.

ASB: Who would you cite as the biggest music influence for the band?

Gabe: Impossible to answer. We each bring a plethora of music to the groups sound. You would have to ask us one at a time. Leading up to this record, I know we were all listening to Early '70s music.

ASB: The self-titled upcoming record, how was the recording process going? Heard that Dan Wilson managed to get a hand on the record.

Gabe: Yes, Dan and Gabe co-wrote a couple of the songs on the record. We are all fans of Dan Wilson and his song-writing. The recording process was strenuous, but we had the time and resources we needed to make the record we wanted to.

ASB: Could this major release be any different from the releases that you have spawned, "More Than It Would Seem", "On a Rolling Ball" and "Live at World Cafe"?

Gabe: This album has more cohesion. Instead of just recording whatever material was on hand, Gabe wrote about 750,000 songs, which we whittled down to the ten you see on the album.

ASB: Why did it take 3 years to release the LP?

Gabe: Gabe had to write 750,000 songs.

ASB: Do you have a tour in line to support the album?

Gabe: We have a bunch of dates booked and we continue to add more.

ASB: Since you guys are known to be spectacular live player, which tracks from the new album you think could be your favorites to play live?

Gabe: We have fun playing "Till You're Gone" because it's such a high energy song.

ASB: Any collaboration that you wish to do one day?

Gabe: Either Bonnie Raitt or KT Tunstall would be great to collaborate with.

ASB: Please share a personal message to your fans at AceShowbiz.

Gabe: We hope everyone loves the new album!

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