Kanye West Blames Organizers Over Bonnaroo Troubles

The "Gold Digger" rapper shouted out his feelings about the recent problems that he had at Bonnaroo Festival, writing on his blog that the organizers was to blame for all of the mess.

AceShowbiz - Following recent reports about his troubled gig at the Bonnaroo Festival on June 15 , Kanye West has finally shouted out his feeling about the booing and reasons for the late appearance. Writing on his official blog page, the rapper said that what happened at the Bonnaroo gig was the biggest insult for him. "This Bonnaroo thing is the worst insult I've ever had in my life. This is the most offended I've ever been... this is the maddest I ever will be," Kanye wrote.

As previously reported, Kanye got booed by the crowd and also having his stage filled with thrown objects just before he started his concert. The incident happened because the rapper was appearing two hours late from his scheduled time. Shortly after the incident, the organizers told the press that the "Gold Digger" rapper's late arrival was caused by his over elaborated stage set that took too long to load in.

Revealing his side of the story Kanye expressed his disappointment over the organizers previous statement and went on to blame them for all the problems. "Bonnaroo should have released a statement in my defense but since they haven't lets break down the walls on this Truman Show and let you know what really occurred!!"For over a month we went back and forth on whether or not we could even fit my stage at the festival," West writes. "One day they would say yes. We'd send them our specs [and] then they'd say OK. Then they would send specs back that didn't fit the stage. We were obviously dealing with f*****g idiots who didn't really have the capacity to put on this show properly," Kanye wrote.

Explaining about the rapper's over the top stage set that was being blamed as one of the main causes for his late appearance Kanye said, "They tried to give me a time slot where it was still light outside. I have a f*cking light show dumb ass. It's not called 'Glow in the Dark' for no reason squid brains! Fast forward to the day of the show. My production manager tried to load in 24 hours before i went in on stage but the festival wouldn't allow us to do anything before Pearl Jam left the stage."

Although he was very angry about the troubles he had at Bonnaroo, Kanye still apologizes to his fans, writing on his blog, "I'm sorry to everyone that i didn't have the ability to give the performance I wanted to."

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