Eminem Indeed Working on a New LP

Eminem Indeed Working on a New LP

Slim Shady has finally confirmed that he is preparing to release a new studio album after 4 years of absence.
Recent rumors about Eminem's plan to release a new LP, turns out to be true as now the rapper himself has confirmed it. Slim Shady revealed the news on his own radio Shade 45 on June 10 when he was doing a prank to fellow rapper LL Cool J, who was being interviewed there.

After finished pranking LL, Eminem spoke about his condition and stating that he is currently finishing the work for his first set in four years. "Everything is good. I'm just in the studio right now working on songs and stuff like that," he said.

Previously, Slim Shady's disciple, 50 Cent also hinted to the press that his mentor is indeed preparing to drop a new record. Speaking to Blender magazine, 50 said, "He's got a new album coming. He's not gonna tell people that, but he's making new music. I've heard a few songs, and it's hot. He won't tell nobody he's working on a new album, but I'll tell you: he's working on new music. And once he locks into it, like, 'This is my favorite sh*t,' it's gonna come out. "

In late May, there are also news surfacing in the media claiming that Eminem has started to work on the follow up to "Encore" and that the upcoming LP will be outed just before the Holiday season. Moreover, until this date the rapper hasn't revealed any details about the new record's title and its exact release date.

Beside preparing a new record, the rapper reportedly is also set to take the stage again. Latest report stated that Eminem has been tapped to appear at Nelson Mandela's 90th Birthday Concert, which will be held at the Hyde Park, London on June 27.

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