The Game Reveals Album Delays Reason, Speaks Retirement

The Game

The rapper has finally opened up to the media about the reason behind his album's delays and also once again stated his pension idea.
After having his new record "L.A.X."'s release date being re-scheduled twice within a week, The Game finally speaks up about the reason behind it. Speaking to the press, Game stated that the push back idea comes from his label, Interscope's president, Jimmy Iovine, saying, "Jimmy Iovine slammed the gavel. We was supposed to go on [July] 8th, but at this point, I really don't give a f**k when the album comes out."

Game also added that despite the record has now been pushed back to July 22, he believes that his fans would still have the patience to wait for it and adding that it will be the biggest record this year. "A week later, two weeks later, a month later, people [are] gonna wait on 'L.A.X.' 'cause it's probably the biggest record of the year. When it comes, it comes. Every time they push it back, I make sure to let everybody know," Game said.

Moreover the rapper also talked about how famous he is saying, "I'm a force to be reckoned with in Hip Hop, everybody knows that. I'm a west coast rapper that gets love on the east coast; you'd think I was born in Brooklyn, they love me that much - or The Bronx, Queens. And when I go back home, I'm the shit. Once I figure out how to lock the south all the way, I think I can go diamond."

On the last note, Game also hinted to the media that recent rumors about his retirement plan after releasing "L.A.X." might be true, as he was quoted saying, "But I'm retiring, so maybe I'll have a dream about that."

Beside preparing his new album's release, Game also has another project that has kept him busy with. The rapper is having his own radio show titled Black Wall Street Radio which was debuted on June 6. On the show, which aired every Friday on XM radio at 8 P.M., the rapper will act as the host who plays music and interviews other musicians.

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