Lil Wayne's New LP to Be the Biggest Selling Album This Year

Lil Wayne's New LP to Be the Biggest Selling Album This Year

The rapper's new record "Tha Carter III" could really live up to its expectation to be the biggest album this year after it managed to record a high sale on its first day of release.
It looks like Lil Wayne's new LP will live up to its premise as one of the highly anticipated records this year as its first day sales reached the jackpot. According to Nielsen Soundscan, on its first day of release, Wayne's "Tha Carter III" has been sold about 423,000 copies.

This result would make Wayne's LP, grabbing the #1 seat on next week Billboard chart, especially as according to Billboard, a source from the rapper's album project believes that "Tha Carter III" could sale around 850,000-950,000 in its full week. If that happens than not only will the new album top the Billboard 200 but it will also beat Mariah Carey's "E=MC²" to become the biggest selling album this year.

Moreover, if Wayne's new record's sale could go on to surpass the 950,000 mark and get into 1 million it should make the LP as the biggest since Kanye West's "Graduation" in 2007, that was sold about 957,000 on its first week. Commenting about the LP's success on its first day sale, Roy Trakin, senior editor at Hits magazine said, "I'm surprised anything can do this kind of numbers in this marketplace, but it's heartening to realize that this underground phenomenon has been building towards this moment of ubiquity."

Meanwhile, Wayne's label , Universal Motown Republic Group, through its vice president Pat Monaco also praises the rapper's new album, saying "It was unlike any record we'd ever heard, and I think, musically, he takes chances and he's got all the right ingredients that I'm not sure you could reproduce again. He's now the benchmark."

Just like Usher's "Here I Stand", Wayne's "Tha Carter III" actually also faced leak issues just before its release date, fortunately it looks like that the leak doesn't effect the album's sale. Commenting on that fact, Geoff Mayfield, director of charts and senior analyst at Billboard magazine said, "Leaks happen because there's interest, and since the advent of digital technology, there's been a lot of music that gets out there before big releases happen ... and historically, those albums have done well, going back to Eminem and 50 Cent. People don't steal things they don't want."

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