A Walk Through Time With Hulk

A Walk Through Time With Hulk

The raging green monster is about to smash the big screen once again with the release of 'The Incredible Hulk', but before then fans can refresh their memory about the hero with fun facts about him.
This coming Friday, June 13, Universal Pictures will debut their latest superhero movie, "The Incredible Hulk", to the public. Bringing a strong team of filmmaker to develop the latest green-beast-turned-hero, the studio promise to present a new, explosive and action-packed story about one of the most popular superheroes of our time. Yet, before rushing down to the theaters to be blown away by it, it seems to be appropriate to walk back through time and revisit the facts and fads about Hulk himself.

Throughout the years, key details about this temperamental fictional character have been evolving along with the changing of time. Be it in the characterization, the trigger of his transformation, and even the story plot, they all have undergone several adjustments and all due to the involvement of numerous people handling the development of Hulk. Still, regardless the necessity to synchronize between the comic and this movie adaptation, the evolution of Bruce Banner and his alter ego is worth getting a special highlight.

Before people see Hulk in motion, this famous character was first introduced to the world through Marvel's comic books and to make things more interesting, this beast isn't always pictured in green. In the first issue of "The Incredible Hulk" published in May 1962, the character created by comic book legend Stan Lee was colored in gray. That specific color was chosen because Stan wanted to deliver a universal superhero whose skin tone doesn't suggest on any particular ethnic group. However, the color process quickly offered problem to colorist Stan Goldberg resulting in Hulk having different shades of skin color. Thus, to clear out the problem, Hulk's skin tone was slowly turned to green and when the comic book's second issue came out in July 1962, he has been pictured with his signature green skin.

The changes of the notable superhero did not stop merely on Hulk's skin color. Another fact nearly forgotten about the unlikely hero points on Banner's incitation to be Hulk. In the early years of Hulk, the stimulation of Banner's transformation to be the huge and massive monster is far from the reason he is known as 'the raging green monster'. In fact, the prompter of his change is somehow similar to werewolf. Back then, the beast inside the scientist came to life whenever the sun goes down and as instantly as he became a monster at dusk, he would retain his human form at dawn. As the story of him developed even further later on, the trigger of Banner's transformation also underwent changes. Now, every time he gets mad, he bulks up and becomes Hulk.

Apart from those two facts, over the years the reason behind the incident that changes Banner's life forever also could not avoid some alterations. The initial premise about Hulk from the comic book explained that Banner was accidentally exposed to a deathly dose of gamma radiation when he saved a naive teenager Rick Jones who stumbled onto the testing site of an experimental gamma bomb seconds before the military tested the bomb. Meanwhile, in the television version of the green hero, it was exposed that Banner's experiment with a mood altering chemical went wrong and as a result, it made him extremely violent that triggered him morphing into Hulk. Still, he then found an antidote to suppress the anger and turned Hulk to change from dangerous monster to hero. Concerning which background story, "Incredible Hulk" will use to explain Banner's transformation is yet to be told. Nevertheless, since the filmmakers behind the new movie are determined to stay true to the comic book, it seems that the former maybe more likely to be used.

The latest Hulk movie version paired up renowned director Louis Leterrier with notable actor Edward Norton as the two key people behind the development of the action fantasy movie. Scripted by "X-Men: The Last Stand" writer Zak Penn, this film follows Banner as he runs away from the military to avoid capture and at the same time tries to find the cure to the raging monster inside him. However, when The Abomination, a new breed of monster similar to him yet much more powerful and bigger in size threatens the world he knows, Banner is forced to choose whether he should run away again or unleash the beast in him and save the day. The movie also features Liv Tyler, Tim Roth, William Hurt, Tim Blake Nelson and Christina Cabot.

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