R. Kelly Denies It Was Him in the Child Sex Video

A sex tape allegedly featuring R. Kelly and a 13-year-old girl having sex was played in a court hearing but the singer denied the allegation.
One of the longest and much-delayed celebrity trials has reached a new stage where its defendant Robert Kelly aka R. Kelly is being faced with a video proof of him having sex with an underage girl. A sex tape timing at 26 minutes, was played during a court trial on Tuesday, May 20, sending the jurors and people in the court room to sit "motionless". Later on that day, Kelly stated that he was not the man in the tape.

According to the Association Press, the tape was shown through a 4 by 4 foot monitor with blinds drawn and lights dimmed. At the beginning, it shows a man handing a sum of money to the young girl who took it with a "thank you". She was heard calling the man "daddy" and would later dance before having sex with him. All throughout the screening, Kelly who sat on the defendant bench was described "occasionally rocked on his chair and rested his chin in his hand".

Prosecutors insist that the man in the tape is Kelly and that the girl was only 13 by the time it was made in between January 1, 1998 and November 1, 2000. Before the video was played, Cook County prosecutor Shauna Boliker said in a statement, "A child doesn't choose to be violated and placed on a videotape, a videotape that will live on forever - long after this child becomes an adult."

In his defense, Kelly and his lawyers issued a statement that says he was not the man in the tape, taking into account of the mole on his back that the man on the tape doesn't have. Further, attorney Sam Adam said that the woman in the tape was a prostitute and not the alleged victim who is now in her 20s and will not testify for she also claims it was not her in the footage. This leads the prosecutors into pursuing the origins of the video which was first retrieved via mail by Chicago Sun-Times in 2002.

The trial still goes on by the news hour and if indeed Kelly is proved to be the man in the tape, he could face up to 15 years in prison.

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