Young Buck Cut Ties With G-Unit, Premieres New Video

Young Buck

Young Buck who has just premiered a video for 'Lose My Mind', is no longer part of rap group G-Unit but will still record for the label.
Two things have been going on with Young Buck this week. Beside announcing the release of a DVD titled "Billion Bucks" that will give fans "an up close and unrated look into his life", he is also confirmed to be no longer a member of Hip-Hop group G-Unit. Rapper 50 Cent stepped up to emphasize on the latter issue.

It is no longer a secret that Buck is one of the artists under G-Unit that was not exactly in a good position with the label in the past few months after a report surfaced that he declared not receiving any royalties as an artist. The team leader, 50 Cent, announced on Monday, April 7 that Buck is off the G-Unit as a group member but is still obliged to record for the label of the same name.

"You can look at it and see that's Game (former G-Unit rapper) all the way," 50 Cent told DJ Envy, a co-host on the Hot 97 Morning Show with Miss Jones. "I was giving him a chance, giving him the benefit of the doubt (to remain with the group). You can take this as an official notice right here - pretty much you can say: Young Buck is no longer in the group G-Unit, but signed to G-Unit (Records) as a solo artist."

Meanwhile, Buck is moving on with a DVD release which will include a photo gallery, three music videos and six new tracks that are compressed into two discs. It will be released on June 10 and the first music video for the track "Lose My Mind" has been premiered.

According to reports, Buck was advised by his psychiatrist to chronicle his life in a camera and for that he had teamed up with director Jason Goldwatch. "The greatest aspect of shooting with Buck was the mutual respect and genuine curiosity that developed between us," Goldwatch said in a statement. "We are such different people, from such different places, and over the course of our travels and experiences finding actually, we are very much the same. And the camera was there to capture the frankness, the dirt, the openness, and the realness of it all. It was an amazing experience."

Young Buck, "Lose My Mind":

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