Father Totally Floored by Aaron Carter's Marijuana Arrest

Aaron Carter

The father of pop singer Aaron Carter has spoken out about his son's arrest for investigation of marijuana possession.
Robert Gene Carter, the father of pop singer Aaron Carter, has spoken out about his son's arrest in Texas for investigation of marijuana possession. Shared his feeling to People, the older Carter revealed "I'm just totally floored by this. Other people suspected he had a problem, but I denied it and didn't believe it. But now I feel hurt and betrayed, because I see that everything wasn't what I thought it was."

Went on telling People that he believed his son was heading to Georgia to confront him about finances at the time of his arrest, Robert explained "His new managers are trying to convince him that I'm the reason he's going broke. It's not true; I don't live off Aaron's money." Though so, still Robert hoped the best for Aaron, hoping that the arrest will serve as a wake-up call to his young son. "Aaron has always thought he was invincible," Robert was quoted as saying. "Sometimes it takes a knock in the head to get people back on track. I hope that's what happens here."

Intended to help Aaron getting through this difficult time, Robert claimed "The bottom line is that I love my son very much. It's important that he knows that I will do anything for him."

The other Carter, Nick Carter of the the boyband Backstreet Boys reportedly learned about his brother's arrest while on tour in Australia.

Aaron was arrested for investigation of marijuana possession Thursday, February 21 after he was pulled over for speeding in Texas. The pop singer was pulled over for speeding on I-10, and when authorities searched his car, they found over two ounces of marijuana. There was nobody else in the car.

In a statement issued to Entertainment Tonight, Aaron's manager said, "On his way to Florida bringing his two dogs to live on a large ranch, Aaron Carter was detained today in Texas by a trooper for exceeding the speed limit by 5 mph. A search revealed a small amount of marijuana, a misdemeanor in this state. He is posting bail and will return to Los Angeles. He sincerely regrets any embarrassment this caused to his family, friends and fans."

And soon following his release from the prison, Aaron was videotaped by TMZ going to Sam B. Coffey Animal Shelter to retrieve his dogs. Had to pay a $70 impound fee, he however was said to be "extremely happy to see his dogs and they were well cared-for."

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