Britney Spears Getting Hitched to Paparazzo?

Britney Spears

Britney Spears was having another wild nights as she was spotted to be hanging out with a paparazzo and spent hours with him in a hotel.
Being reported to planning on marrying her manager, Sam Lutfi almost a week ago, Britney Spears allegedly has found a new guy to replace her alleged groom-to-be. The new guy rumor surfaces after the pop singer was spotted picking up a paparazzo, known as Adnan, and spent hours with him at a hotel on another of her wild nights on Saturday, December 22.

According to Sawf News, the night began when the 'Gimme More' singer left her home with her assistant. Along the way, she picked up a photographer named Phillipe and headed to a Greek restaurant in Malibu, Taverna Tony. There, she told him to contact Adnan, another paparazzo she met in September while making a pit stop at Quiznos in Westwood, because she wanted to meet him. Eyewitnesses said that the mother of two "looked as if she had been drinking."

Upon receiving the call, OK! Magazine reported that the wanted paparazzo raced to Malibu and when he arrived she jumped into his car. Witnesses said that through the window of Adnan's car, they can see Spears playing with the man's hat.

After driving around to L.A. for about an hour, the ex-wife of Kevin Federline went back to her own car only to make another stop to take a photo of a wall mural on the side of a building. Still, because of the amount of paparazzi that followed her, she wasn't able to do that.

Frustrated, she yelled, "You guys get a million pictures of me. Just let me get one for myself. No I can take it. I don't want you to take it. Move out of the way you f***ng a***holes. You stupid f***s. I can't see. Move! I can't take a picture with you standing there, you m***f***rs. You're f***ing stupid. Shut up." Allegedly, that moment she threw her camera and left the scene for a moment before heading back to the place to look for the memory card.

Following that, she headed home to change clothes and went back to met Adnan at the Peninsula Hotel. Reportedly, both of them remained in the hotel until 10:25 AM when Adnan went out and joked with his fellow photographers that he and the pop star are getting hitched.

To OK! Magazine, an insider revealed, "He's one of the hotter-looking photographers out there. He and Brit have been flirting for months now. He's always the one to pump her gas, or hold her car door open for her, or run crowd-control to help her out. He always puts himself in the position of being the knight in shining armor."

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