Robbie Williams to Leave EMI Like Radiohead?

Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams' manager hinted that after releasing one more album for EMI, the singer may not sign up with any major deal.
Reports said that Robbie Williams will leave his label of 5 years, EMI, to follow the footsteps of Paul McCartney and Radiohead. His manager Tim Clark suggested that "all options" will be open once the contract is off.

"I would be very wary about signing him to any major label at the moment," Clark told the Daily Telegraph.

Williams still has an obligation to EMI for a new album, 'Let's Swing Again' which is due February 2008. He signed with the label in 2002 , reportedly for 80m pounds, to produce four albums.

McCartney and Radiohead walked away from EMI and cited their reasons which mainly are unpleasant. The former Beatle said in an interview last week that EMI is "boring" while Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien said, "EMI is in a state of flux. It's been taken over by somebody who's never owned a record company before, Guy Hands and Terra Firma, and they don't realize what they're dealing with."

Clark also indicated the possible use of Internet nowadays to release an album, explaining, "What we really don't want is the dead hand of multinationals throttling these brilliant opportunities."

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