Dark Knight's Opening Sequence Unveiled!

Dark Knight's Opening Sequence Unveiled!

The first six-minutes of the superhero flick was shown on Sunday, December 2, 2007 in New York with an introduction from helmer Christopher Nolan.
Displayed on an 80-foot-tall IMAX screen and introduced by its director Christopher Nolan, the first six minutes of the highly-anticipated "The Dark Knight" was finally shown to a small crowd in New York on Sunday night (Dec. 2).

MTV reported that the extended preview began with a shot on a gleaming and bright Gotham City before shifting to a group of clown-masked robbers who are about to seize a bank while wondering about the man hiring them, the Joker.

Upon breaking into the back, each of the robbers mysteriously gets taken out, not by Batman but rather by one of the pack. After a sequence featuring a school bus crashing into the bank, the sole survivor of the gang finally reveals himself to be none other than the flick's main villain, the Joker.

The sequence then ended with the clown prince makes his getaway, but there were some quick glimpses inserted behind showing footage from the movie. Shots included were those of the Joker firing what looks to be an automatic weapon in a city street, Batman whizzing by in his batpod, and Police Commissioner Gordon destroying the bat signal.

In the meantime, Nolan was noted to inform that there would be four or five IMAX scenes in the picture yet admitted that not all of them would be action-filled.

"Some of them are actually quiet scenes which pictorially we thought would be interesting. It's not all the slam-bam scenes," he remarked.

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