Activated, Official Rambo Site

Activated, Official Rambo Site

Usual goodies like story, gallery, and video can already be visited with some promising features such as "Enemy Territory", and "Shooting Game" to come soon.
Has been launched since two weeks ago, the official site for "Rambo" now delightfully contains some goodies to be explored.

Some features that have come active include story, cast & crew info, gallery, video, and downloads. Others like "Video Mashup", "Jungle Survival", "Instruments of Force", "Enemy Territory", and "Shooting Game" are said to be come up soon. Looks like the latter pack will contain a bunch of interesting things we can take a look at.

Made under an approximate $50 million budget, "Rambo" is slated for a January 25, 2008 release under Lionsgate Films banner. Story this time sees the titular Vietnam War veteran come out of his retirement to track down missionary aid workers who have disappeared in the jungles of impoverished Myanmar.

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