Jennifer Aniston for Harper's Bazaar 140th Anniversary Issue

Jennifer Aniston glows on the November cover of Harper's Bazaar celebrating the magazine's 140th year.

AceShowbiz - The beautiful and positively radiant Jennifer Aniston takes over the cover of Harper's Bazaar November 2007 issue, celebrating the magazine's 140th year.

Opens up to the magazine about some of her personal issues, the actress among others talks about the possibility of singing and dancing in an upcoming project and what the public says about her to her advice to young starlets in the industry.

Being asked on her previous movie roles as a "checkout chick" in dramedy "The Good Girl" (2002) and a broke, pot-smoking maid in the 2006 flick "Friends with Money," she admitted to like "those roles. I feel comfortable with them. They're more real. People can say, 'Oh, I have relatives like that, I dated a guy like that, or I have a friend like that.' They're relatable."

On the possibility of singing and dancing in an upcoming project, Aniston said "I can carry a tune, and I was known to throw out a jazz hand from time to time in high school. I'm not that coordinated, unfortunately, hence the comic relief that I turned into! But I've always, at least, entertained someone."

And when it comes to what the public says about her, Jenn claimed she "used to care a hell of a lot more about what people said or thought. But that had to change when my life was under a microscope being scrutinized and my personal life was being talked about. You have to go, 'This is not acceptable in any way,' whether it's about me personally or in business, success versus failure. It's so negative. It's such bizarre negativity."

Asked to give her advice to young starlets, the single beauty simply said, "Continue doing your work. Always keep work first. Hype is second, and don't let that become part of your reality. Just stay real and do your job. Everything is just so dramatic, but you have to remember that we're the luckiest people in the world to do what we get to do and get paid for it."

Read the full article at and got a peek at her photos inside the magazine at the LookBook part.

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