Foxy Brown Gets One Year in Jail for Probation Violation

Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown has been sentenced to one year in jail after she was found guilty of violating her probation.
Foxy Brown has on Friday, September 7th, sentenced to one year in jail for violating her probation that stemmed from a fight with two manicurists in a New York City nail salon back in August 2004.

Criminal Court Judge Melissa Jackson told the pregnant rapper that she had failed to take probation seriously and that she would be treated "just like any other defendant" despite her celebrity status, while went on telling her to "turn your life around and never again have to stand in a court of law."

Just before the hearing begun, Brown asked the judge for yet another chance at freedom and promised to straighten out her life. "I'm willing to do whatever I need to do to change," Brown told the judge. "I realize that's not where I want to be. It's humbled me in ways I never imagined."

Unfortunately, Judge Melissa Jackson slammed her pleas for mercy, telling her "Ms. Marchand, it's too little, too late. I'm glad you're learning something; that's a positive." Jackson, in addition, also rejected a deal in which Brown would have gone to jail for nine months in exchange for a misdemeanor guilty plea, claiming the defendant knew she would face a year in jail if she violated probation.

Brown was arrested on August 14th in Brooklyn on charges of assaulting Arlene Raymond, accused of hitting the woman with a cell phone on July 30th when the pair fought over the music volume from Brown's car stereo.

A Probation Department lawyer read four violations the Probation Department filed against Brown; leaving New York twice without telling the court or Probation Department; changed her address from Brooklyn to Mahwah, N.J., without permission; and failed to tell the court she had received seven traffic summonses in New Jersey.

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