Robbie Williams in Serious Talks to Rejoin Take That?

Robbie Williams

Three members of Take That have met for a dinner and their conversation was reported regarding Robbie Williams rejoining Take That in October.
Many rumors have been pointed to Robbie Williams rejoining Take That to complete the reunion, this time another is sparked after three members including Robbie met for a serious conversation. Mark Owen reportedly arranged a dinner for him, Robbie and Gary Barlow to mend their falter relationship.

Taking place in a Los Angeles restaurant, the dinner saw the three of them sharing laughs and words. A fellow diner said, "There was no atmosphere between them. Robbie seemed really pleased they were there and gave them both a big hug. The three of them were then deep in conversation all night."

Speculation has been withdrawn that they are talking about the possibility of Robbie re-joining Take That's upcoming tour that will start in October. With Robbie's solo career coming to a constant decline, the only reasonable decision to save his career would be becoming the latest jigsaw piece in Take That's reunion.

A source said, "Since Take That split in 1995, Robbie enjoyed the lions' share of fame and success. But lately, things have taken a downward spiral for him while Take That's star gas risen again. Robbie will not take any decision lightly but all indications are that he's seriously considering their offer this time around. Rebuilding his relationship with Gary is an important step in making this happen. Mark was delighted that the two could come together around the table."

Robbie made his exit from the band in 1995 over a series of disagreement with the management and creative differences. The four remaining members also disbanded a year later and back together again in 2006 with the release of their first album in 10 years 'Beautiful World'.

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