Jay-Z Shut Down Rumors of Leaving Def Jam


Although not exclusively denying that he might move to Columbia, Jay-Z is looking forward to re-new Def Jam contract.
Rumors on Jay-Z leaving Def Jam have been shut down by the rapper himself. In a recent interview Jay stated that his three year contract is getting due but he's looking forward to renew it before seeking other possibilities.

As why he's rumored to shift to Columbia where buddy Rick Rubin is now, Jay-Z reasoned, "I guess Rick Rubin is (at Columbia) and we've got a relationship. But I haven't talked to Rick since he started at Columbia. I called him to say congratulations."

Jay-Z went on to speculate that he might actually really move to Columbia. "But I've learned to its leave the possibility open," he continued. "Sometimes rumors spark real things."

According to Billboard.com, the rapper-turned-exec is currently working on several remixes including Amy Winehouse's "You Know I'm No Good". When asked what's his favorite songs right now Jay-Z pointed to those by his label mates. "Ne-Yo, Rihanna, Fabolous," he said with a laugh.

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