Benderspink Gets Drafted

Benderspink Gets Drafted

Benderspink has optioned the rights to turn Devil's Due Publishing's graphic novel "Drafted" into film feature.
Compiling a pile of comic-book adaptations at its pit, Benderspink is on the way to spark a new one titled "Drafted" based on the graphic novel from Devil's Due Publishing of the same name created by Mark Powers and Chris Lie, Variety has reported.

Project is said to focus on an alien race known as the Benefactors who land on Earth to help humanity defend itself from a massive invasion by another, more malevolent alien force. Putting aside social status, every man, woman, and child must unite to save the world from annihilation as they are conscripted in a draft to battle the aliens.

While pic has not yet set up at a studio, Benderspink is noticed to currently be in talks with screenwriters to adapt the property with Jon Silk overseeing the flick for the studio. The company, previously produced "A History of Violence" based on the graphic novel, also has handfuls of comic-book adaptations in development, among others are "Y: The Last Man", "Ex Machina", and "The Ghouly Boys."

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