Soundtracks of "Bratz" Coming in Stores This July!

Soundtracks of "Bratz" Coming in Stores This July!

Artists ranging from Black Eyed Peas to Slumber Party Girls chip in songs for the highly anticipated "Bratz: The Movie".
In anticipation of "Bratz: The Movie" street date , a soundtrack album is released to give an early impact. The compilation, that spans songs from popular artists like Black Eyed Peas, Ashlee Simpson, and Lifehouse, is hitting stores on July 31 via Geffen Records.

Not only to be noted for its huge contributors, the soundtrack also feature emerging artists like duo Prima J and all-girl group Slumber Party Girls. Furthermore, in a special contest to submit a song for the movie, a twelve year old wonder named Daechelle amazed executive producers through her song "Fearless". Hers will be numbered second track after Prima J's "Rockstar".

"Bratz: The Movie" is a film adapted from popular fashion doll line the Bratz. In the movie, four girls from different racial backgrounds attend the same high school whereupon they discover the power to fight peer pressure and standing up for themselves. The movie has passed its production and is slated for August 3 release.

To listen to the songs click here. And also check out the video clip (Quicktime/Windows) for "Rainy Day" by Janel Parrish.

Full Track listing of "Bratz Soundtrack":

  1. Rock Star - Prima J
  2. Fearless - Daechelle
  3. Love Is Wicked - Brick&Lace
  4. Rainy Day - Janel Parrish
  5. Open Eyes - Bratz
  6. Heartburn - NLT
  7. It's All About Me - Chelsea Staub (In The Role of Meredith)
  8. Now Or Never - Orianthi
  9. Out From Under - Joanna
  10. In Crowd - Sean Stewart
  11. Express Yourself - Black Eyed Peas feat. apl de ap
  12. My Life - Slumber Party Girls
  13. Go Go - Jibbs
  14. It Doesn't Get Better Than This - Alex Band
  15. Saying Goodbye - Matt White
  16. Invisible - Ashlee Simpson
  17. Alter Ego - Clique Girlz
  18. Tell Me - Dropping Daylight
  19. If This Is Goodbye - Lifehouse
  20. Fabulous - Chelsea Staub (In the Role of Meredith)
  21. Bratitude - Bratz

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